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Biggest babe - Laura Jane Grace for World Pride Toronto <3


we need to be really really careful about the way we talk about transness and trans experiences, especially when we start to wander into “THIS is the CORRECT way to talk about Being Trans” territory

because yes there are problematic aspects to the wrong-body narrative and to the “born x but now…

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We are very cute & very dorky. 💘 #birthgay

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fu ck




I want lgbt book stores, lgbt coffee houses, and lgbt theaters to replace lgbt bars as centers of community, places to meet people, and lgbt rights of passage.

YES. i am so fucking TIRED of every lgbt event being at a bar or another 21+ venue, especially when alcoholism is a thing for so many, esp. lgbt youth, and community isolation is such a major factor in so many suicides.

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So I guess I’m 20 now or something?